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What Every Label can Learn From Quality Peoples

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What Every Label can Learn From Quality Peoples How beach wear can become a premium brand and retain its surfer's soul... -NUO Magazine In the crowded world of surf brands, it takes more than a nice cut and a cool graphic to stay in the game, let alone enter it as a new player.  That’s why selling a lifestyle has become as—if not more—important as selling the label itself. One of the best examples out there right now is surf wear up-and-comers Quality Peoples, whose exquisite branding is centered around serene landscapes, a call to the hermit’s life, and a celebration of idleness. But at $49.00 a tee, they’re not selling to...
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An Interview with Sidian, Ersatz & Vanes

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1. What are the initial points of investigation for any SEV collection? Our collections are perhaps best described as a marriage of intuition and academic fascination. We are constantly pushing ourselves to seek out intersections between multiple fields of endeavour, from Science and Mathematics to Liberal Arts, as well as visual constructs and everyday, street-level observations. Geometry is certainly a constant inspiration for us. We take pleasure in the endless possibilities of the visualisation of mathematic principles, manipulating and distilling them until they render a distinctive design that translates seamlessly into a highly-wearable garment. This is an essential parameter for...
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Introducing: Orley

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A family affair, Orley bears the namesake of brothers Matthew and Alex Orley, and Matthew’s fiancé Samantha Florence. Orley is a designer menswear brand that launched with a capsule collection of Italian-made knitwear for Fall/Winter 2012 and expanded into a full ready-to-wear collection for Spring/Summer 2014. The brand is known for its combination of elegant yet youthful, irreverent design with a focus on luxury knitwear and commitment to the highest quality materials and manufacturing. Medium Concepts Agency is excited to partner with Orley continuing into Spring/Summer 2015 season. Orley is a member of the CFDA Fashion Incubator Class of 2014-2016
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Rxmance in the Mayan Riviera

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An Interview with designer Chris Dennler Can you share with us your recent travels and have they led to any inspiration for your collections. Being in nature makes me very happy and thus influences my design process a lot. Some recent trips include the Mayan Riviera, Southwestern U.S. road trip, Yosemite, The Grand Canyon, Big Sur, Baja Mexico, White Sands New Mexico and of course good old Colorado. My recent trip to the Mayan Riviera proved to be one of the most beautiful places I have visited. Ancient Mayan ruins surrounded by lush green jungles, white sand beaches and perfect blue...
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A Life On An Ocean Wave Trailer – Thaddeus O’Neil

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Introducing a short film from Thaddeus O'Neil: A Life On The Ocean Wave featuring wardrobe from Thaddeus O'Neil's debut S/S 2014 collection. The 26-minute feature, A Life On The Ocean Wave debuted at Biotop Tokyo last month during the collections first ever international debut. Biotop, one of Japan’s top luxury and lifestyle retailers and the company responsible for bringing Saturdays NYC to Japan, was the perfect setting for the film screening. Biotop also boasts one of the most beautiful retail settings in the world, with a full nursery integrated into the shopping experience. Below are some photos from the event....
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Quality Peoples SS14 Lookbook

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The new collection from Quality Peoples is titled “Let’s Wander in the Chambers of the Sea.” The sea is calm. The sea is rough. The sea is meditative. She’s a deep well of experiences and emotions. A stronghold. A space to explore beauty and replenish our souls. This season, we honor our wild and wonderful sea. We thank her for rejuvenating us; we surrender to her mystery. Let’s go to her and dance. Let’s wander through the chambers of the sea. Spring 2014 furthers our obsession with the sea. We’re bringing you graphic tees, inside-out pocket tees, boardshorts, button-up shirts,…

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